Over 80 years in the Petroleum Industry

Total is one of the world’s leading integrated oil and gas companies with operations in more than 130 countries. The Group is also one of the top players in the chemical industry. Total’s 93,000 employees drive the success of their industry with their expertise – in the exploration and development of oil and gas deposits, at refineries and in distribution, in new energy sources, trade, and chemicals.  Total contributes to safeguarding the world’s energy needs of today and tomorrow. 

Total operates the fourth-largest fuelling network in Germany, with more than 1,000 service stations, as well as one of Europe's most modern refineries, in Leuna. With its extensive activities in the manufacturing and marketing of bitumen, natural gas, heating oil, aircraft fuels, LPG, lubricants and specialty products, TOTAL has positioned itself as an innovative energy company and one of the leading providers of petroleum products in the German market. 

Whether in chemicals, refining, fuel depots, distribution centres or technologically challenging future energy sources such as hydrogen and solar power, Total sees itself as an innovative energy company, - in Germany, Europe and beyond.  For more information see www.total.de or the Total corporate site at www.total.com. 

Innovations for new fuels

TOTAL is exploring and testing future energy sources, using its technical expertise and industrial experience as a leading international energy company. 

For nearly 10 years, TOTAL has been promoting the use of hydrogen in transport. A practical use of the new customer-friendly fuel and exemplary safety concepts are just as important here as the search for an alternative and environmentally friendly fuel for the future. 

The development and construction of a complex hydrogen infrastructure system can only be implemented through strategic partnerships and alliances. By combining the expertise and resources from industry in an exemplary way, plus the support of the German federal government, the CEP partners are driving this successful project forward. TOTAL believes this consortium of European technology leaders plays an internationally pioneering role. 

Hydrogen at TOTAL Germany

TOTAL has operated hydrogen filling stations in Berlin since 2002, and is involved in cross-company cooperations to develop and test hydrogen technology, especially at our company headquarters in Berlin. 

In 2012, TOTAL Germany will open the world's first carbon-neutral fuel station at the future airport Berlin-Brandenburg (BER), where a wind farm will supply energy for the carbon-free production of hydrogen. A fleet of Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) vehicles is already demonstrating the practicality of this form of mobility in everyday use. In Berlin, there are already 50 hydrogen cars on the road that refuel with TOTAL.