Pioneer with over 100 years of experience

Daimler AG looks back on a tradition landmarked with pioneering achievements in automotive design and stretching back over 100 hundred years to Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz, the inventors of the automobile. Today, Daimler is a leading supplier of high-quality premium passenger cars and the world’s number one manufacturer of commercial vehicles. With its comprehensive vehicle programme, which ranges from the small car to the heavy-duty truck and is complemented by tailored services right along the automotive value-added chain, Daimler has a presence in almost every country on earth. The company also operates production facilities in 19 different countries and around 7,300 sales locations worldwide.

CEP: demonstration of innovative technologies

„What will move us tomorrow?” For many years now Daimler AG has been working on how to use its technological expertise to help safeguard individual mobility in the long term. At the same time, the goal of Daimler AG is to meet the personal expectations and needs of customers where their choice of car is concerned. Given the challenges of the 21st century, we are now facing the fundamental question: What will move us tomorrow? According to Daimler AG the answer is plain: Sustainably structured mobility based on innovative technology concepts. Its goal as a manufacturer is to steer a steady course towards sustainable mobility and to offer its customers attractive packages tailored to their individual needs.

Daimler set out its strategy in the „Roadmap for Sustainable Mobility”. It comprises three pillars, with which resources are conserved and pollutant emissions minimised throughout the entire value added process:

  1. Consistent advance development and optimisation of internal combustion engines – as well as consideration given to all hybrid options.
  2. Research, development and deployment of high-quality and alternative fuels.
  3. Propulsion using emission-free fuel cell and electric drives.

In terms of emission-free driving, battery-powered and fuel cell vehicles offer the greatest potential. Initial fleet tests amply demonstrated the everyday practicality of these technologies. Developing these technologies step by step to series maturity now calls for a broad-based range of demonstration activities. As the leading project for demonstrating hydrogen and fuel cell vehicles in Germany and Europe, the Clean Energy Partnership is in a position to make a significant contribution towards achieving this goal and represents for us another milestone on the road towards commercialisation.

Four core product segments

The Daimler Group is divided into four core segments – Mercedes-Benz Cars, Daimler Trucks, Daimler Financial Services and Vans, Buses and Others. Products from Mercedes-Benz Cars range from the high-quality small cars of the smart brand to the premium-class vehicles from Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes AMG, Mercedes-Benz McLaren and the luxury Maybach saloon. As the world’s number one truck manufacturer, the Daimler Trucks division operates a global network developing and producing trucks by the brands Mercedes-Benz, Freightliner, Sterling, Western Star and Mitsubishi Fuso. The product range encompasses light, medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks for long-distance haulage, short-radius distribution and construction site vehicles, as well as special-purpose vehicles for municipal applications. The Daimler Financial Services division provides global support for car brand sales of the Daimler Group in over 40 countries. Essentially the service provides tailored financing and leasing solutions for end-customers and dealers. The range of services also includes insurance, fleet management, investment products and credit cards.

History of the fuel cell at Daimler

Work on an emission-free drive concept using fuel cells was first unveiled in the NECAR 1 in 1994. A further 20 prototypes were to follow. The world’s first low-volume A-Class F-CELL, which has been operating in many countries around the world since 2002, provides ample evidence of the everyday practicality of this drive system. Today, Daimler has the largest fleet of fuel cell vehicles in service anywhere in the world – over 100 vehicles which have clocked up more than four million kilometres between them. The findings from these practical trials are fed straight back into ongoing research and development work and help to continually optimise the drive system. In so doing, Daimler is demonstrating its innovative leadership on the way to a new era of mobility. Sustainable, powerful, efficient and emission-free.

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